Aug 22, 2019

Young Guns – Can Not Say I Am Excited


The first round of the 2019 Young Guns (u/20) Competition did not produce many surprises nor for that matter any excitement unless you were a parent or girlfriend attending. As expected Maties, Tuks, Ikeys and Nort West University had comfortable wins with all eyes next Monday on the Shimlas side who had a bye this week.

Myself were "fortunate" to attend the TUKS v CUT game. With TUKS scoring at almost a point a minute the "vibe" in the stadium was .............. I spent more time talking to 2019 u/19 Bulls contracted players than actually watching the game and was simply astonished to see so much talent next to a rugby field being wasted. But enough of the negativity.

The star of the show was Affies old boy prop, Dewald Donald. Dewald scored four tries with powerful runs taking 2 - 3 defenders with him over the try line.  Tuks lead 45-7 at half time with a century looming at the end of the match. Hats off to CUT who came out in the second half playing constructive, simple rugby to restrict TUKS to a second-half win of 26-0.

Admittingly I was frustrated as the team sheet that I was handed by TUKS had 9 mistakes, and after I told the team "person" that Eddie Ludick is definately not a coloured boy he realised the "errors" on the team sheet. Even after I received the "correct" sheet some "errors" was still evident.

Players that impressed on the TUKS side was number 1, 2, 7, 10,12 and 14, on the CUT it would be unfair to single one player out as all they did was tackle, tackle and again tackle. Like I said before this was only exciting for the parents and girlfriends.

Junior rugby in South Africa is dying a quick death and if any boy hopes that the Young Guns competition might give him hope to attract the attention of the u/20 World Cup Selectors then I do have bad news for him.

Around The Country

Maties 87 - 14 Wits

Ikeys 52 - 5 UWC

UJ 13 - 52 NWU



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