May 24, 2019

Varsity Cup – Round 6 Preview


After Maties defeated NWU (43-15) last Monday the 2019 competition has become a two-horse race between Maties and TUKS. The last two spots in the semifinals are still wide open but at this stage, the organisers may just as well cancel the semi's and let TUKS and Maties slog it out over two rounds.


UWC is still looking for that ever evading first win of the season when they CUT today. UWC got hammered by an impressive TUKS (70-12) last Monday while CUT had a deserved break. The two sides are currently bottom of the log but this could be a close and exciting match

Maties vs UJ


NWU vs Ikeys

With NWU hosting the Ikeys they should be the favourites to claim a victory tonight. The winner of this match could move up to the third place on the log as TUKS should win Shimlas also tonight. NWU has only lost one match in the 2019 competition, but admittingly was manhandled by Maties last week (43-15), however, Ikeys is definately not Maties and although it should be a close game in the first 40 minutes NWU should be able to win this one at home.

Shimlas vs TUKS

Shimlas and Ikeys were involved in a tries tragedy when the two sides scored 91 points in 80 minutes. If Shimlas' defence does not improve 1 000% tonight there will again be 100 points scored with the one difference, Shimlas will not have a big share in the 100 points. TUKS has shown against Maties that they are the only team in this competition that can stop Maties' match towards the title.

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