Jul 18, 2019

Young Guns – Round 9 Preview


The top four teams for the semifinals have been decided, it is now only to decide who play who. Maties should end as the number one after they crush UWC tonight. If Ikeys' beat CUT then they will end third with TUKS dropping to fourth. Therefore it will be Maties vs TUKS and NWU who will host Ikeys.

UJ vs Shimlas

Expect an exciting open game as n there is nothing left to play for except bragging rights. UJ lost last Monday with 27-43 against UWC while Shimlas beat CUT 28-26. Shimlas should win this one.

NWU vs Wits

A "good" Wits side travels to Potchefstroom to play NWU that will be on a high after their win (50-12) against CUT. NWU unfortunately just in another class and should walk this one.

Maties vs UWC


Ikeys v CUT

They only match with something to play for. If Ikeys beat CUT they will move up to number three on the log, evading Maties in the semi-finals but having to travel back to Potchefstroom to play NWU. That match ended in a close win for NWU (27-15).

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