Jul 18, 2019

Varsity Cup – Round 9 Preview


Numbers one, two and three have been decided. Tuks will host NWU on 08 April 2019 in the one final while Maties will have to wait until the final game to confirm their opponents in their semi-final. Shimlas must be the favourites but WITS, Ikeys and CUT will wait for their slip up.

Ikeys vs CUT

Both these sides only have a mathematical chance to play in the semi's and after the Ikeys' match against TUKS (26-26) they will see themselves as favourites and rightly so.

UJ vs Shimlas

In order to cement their place in the semi's Shimlas must win with a bonus point. The Shimlas was hammered by Maties (14-59) last Monday while UJ had a bye. Shimlas should but can they.

Maties vs UWC

Maties ................ with UWC the overwhelming favourite to take the wooden spoon home.


Wits need to win this with a bonus point to even remotely stand a chance but I do not think that the "tooth fairy nor Liewe Heksie" can help them. NWU at home will be too much for Beckerling and his mates.

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